Consecration 2024

It’s time to dream!

APC is entering into a season of consecration from January 8th to 19th. During this period, we intentionally set aside and dedicate time to pursuing the face of God daily. We also encourage all who are able to double down on their re-commitment by fasting during this time as well.

We invite you to join us in our consecration services for the next two weeks as we  focus on the theme “Dream Again.”

Consecration Schedule

Join us for daily prayer in the sanctuary. Feel free to also drop in for private, individual prayer from 10AM to 11PM.

January 8th
7PM – 9PM

January 9th
11AM – 1PM | 7PM – 9PM

January 10th
11AM – 1PM | 7PM – 9PM

January 11th
11AM – 1PM | 7PM – 9PM

January 12th
11AM – 1PM | 7PM – 9PM

January 15th
7PM – 9PM

January 16th
11AM – 1PM | 7PM – 9PM

January 17th
11AM – 1PM | 7PM – 9PM

January 18th
11AM – 1PM | 7PM – 9PM

January 19th
11AM – 1PM | 7PM – 9PM

Communion Service: January 20th, 6pm – 8pm

While we encourage you to make the effort to join us in-person, all consecration sessions — excluding Communion — will be available for virtual participation!
-> https://meet.goto.com/491860677


Prayer Points

  1. That all APC members would be committed to personal daily Bible reading, to daily passionate prayer, and that they would participate wholeheartedly in congregational prayer, in order to determine and fulfill their life purpose and revealing their dependency on the help of the Holy Spirit with which we can do all things.
  2. That every APC member would unite in all their diversified talents to actively use their fleeting time, resources, and abilities to influence others in their
    community to become baptized, filled earnest followers of Jesus.
  3.  That discipleship classes and need-based small groups will flourish in APC to bring people into fellowship to experience Jesus’s love and the life-changing truth of His word
  4. That APC’s children’s, student and youth ministries would thrive under visionary leaders and mentors who facilitate the development of committed relationships with Christ, the fulfilling of God-ordained purposes, and the reaching of peers for Christ.
  5. That God’s people would prosper, that resources would multiply, and that generosity would overflow towards the building of God’s house and the support of local and global missions.
  6. That families and ministry leaders would be strengthened, our global community would have peace and that we would experience world-wide revival.

Need a refresher on safe fasting?

Revisit this prayer and fasting video guide we have prepared for you. It is our hope that you will use this resource as a reference for years to come as you take the steps to strengthen your relationship with God.

-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM2uO3OKxng&t=13s

The event is finished.


Jan 08 - 20 2024


All Day


1920 Notion Road, Pickering, Ontario, Canada


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