Pentecost Sunday

Experience the power of Pentecost for yourself.

Pentecost is more than the observance of a historic feast, and it’s more than an annual commemoration of an event that happened over 2000 years ago. Pentecost is an exciting celebration of the Holy Spirit which is already poured out and available for all who believe!

On Sunday, May 28th we are excitedly anticipating a mighty outpouring of the Spirit in two dynamic services filled with lively praise and worship. So, we invite not just you, but your family also to experience the fire that’s been burning for millennia. We are praying and preparing for you and look forward to having you with us for our morning service at 11:00am as well as our evening service at 6:30pm.


Join the Journey to Pentecost

Believers, we challenge you to take an active role in the lead-up to Pentecost this year. The Good Neighbour Evangelism Campaign (GNEC) is our joint initiative which springs from the Great Commission and our purposes as laid out by the New Testament:

1.Love the Lord
2.Love your neighbours
3.Make disciples
4.Baptize them
5.Teach them

Between now and Pentecost Sunday, we invite you to follow along in 28 days of guided devotion which will be anchored by a 10-day prayer and fasting chain. Be sure to not only download these resources, be a Good Neighbour and share them with your loved ones.

Now mix your faith with action! We encourage you to demonstrate God’s love to others and reach out to your friends, family members and colleagues and share Jesus and the good news of what He has done for you. Making disciples and bringing others in God’s family can be as simple as an act of kindness or striking up a conversation. So, each week, make it your personal goal to:

-Week 1 (May 1-6): Do something kind for your neighbour and invite them to Pentecost Sunday and the Community BBQ
-Week 2 (May 8-13): Set a date with a loved-one or colleague to share your testimony, a word of encouragement, or offer prayer
-Week 3 (May 15-20): Stay connected with and pray for the colleague loved one you want to see saved
-Week 4 (May 22-27): Make arrangements for them to come to church with you on May 28th

Your full involvement and commitment to the GNEC is critical to the success of Pentecost Sunday. Let’s join together, be intentional and do our part to create an atmosphere of faith, sincere worship and expectation where the Holy Spirit can freely flow and fill everyone who believes.



Download the flyer to share with your family and friends!
Download to 20-Day Pentecost Devotional
Download the 10 day prayer + chain fasting guide

The event is finished.


May 28 2023


All Day


1920 Notion Road, Pickering, Ontario, Canada


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