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In-person worship is reduced to 10 people

Taking effect Monday, April 19th, in-person worship will be reduced to 10 people. This means only our media staff and worship team along with the speaker will be scheduled to be in the sanctuary on Sundays.

Of course our regularly scheduled services will be broadcasted as per usual and we look to see you all online. All other online small groups will still be offered, please continue to make use of it. 

Your faithful prayers and generous support are always appreciated and by God’s grace we’ll get through this together.

In-person Worship is Back!

Commencing July 11th, the doors will be open for Sunday morning worship at 11AM with a capacity limit of 25%.

When we return to in-person worship, we will be abiding by the highest health and safety standards in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. Rest assured that all precautions have been duly considered. We will have our hosts greet you and maintain social distancing, you will be processed by our screeners, directed to a hand sanitization station, and finally you and your family will be guided to assigned, socially distanced seats.

No More Registration!

Effective March 1st, the Ontario government has lifted All capacity limits, but masking requirements will remain in place at this time. APC will still hold the highest health and safety standards.

Wear a masks at all times
Remember to Sanitize

No More Registration!

We ask that upon registering for service whether online or in person that you provide the team with your first and last name, your contact information (email and phone number), and the same information for your family members and other guests. After each service, the registration list is updated identifying all members who attended the service, and those who registered but did not attend. This list is then saved and will be made available to the Public Health Medical team should contact tracing be required.

Physical Contact

We ask our members to refrain from any contact with people outside of your personal bubble. No fist bumping or elbow touching. Only greet with a wave from six feet away.

Continuous Deep Cleaning

During our service, our janitorial staff will be continually sanitizing high traffic areas of our building.

Social distance measures

We encourage you to remain only within your bubble while you are on the church premises. Continue to keep six feet away from other individuals.

Please Stay Home If You Are Sick

If you have planned to attend an upcoming service and later come into close contact with anyone identified as COVID-19 positive, or you yourself becomes sick, we ask that you stay home,  and self-assess for symptoms of the virus. Symptoms to monitor for include:

If you have come into close contact with anyone identified as COVID-19 positive, we ask that you stay home, and self-assess for symptoms of the virus. Symptoms to monitor for include:

– New or worsening cough
– Difficulty swallowing
– Shortness of breath / difficulty breathing
– Decrease or loss sense of taste or smell

– New or worsening runny nose / nasal congestions
– Sore throat / hoarse voice
– Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
– Abdominal pain

– Muscle aches
– Unexplained or worsening headaches
– Unexplained fatigue / malaise
– Pink eye (conjunctivitis)

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